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Reasons teaching in London is the best

If you are looking for teaching experience and a fresh challenge, teaching in London is an excellent experience – but don’t just take our word for it.
A large number of UK schools and colleges accept freshly qualified teachers – with completed probationary periods –  from around the world, and this is a great way to make new contacts that you can use to develop your teaching career.

Big Ben London
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Discover a New Culture

Travelling is a great way to gain life experience and learn more about yourself as well as the world in general. Most teachers find that they have plenty of time to explore the vibrant city of London in their time off.
London provides great access to the rest of England, which means that people who love to travel and discover new places will have plenty of opportunities to get to know the country and beyond.

Career Benefits

London’s educational establishments are recognised around the world for their excellence, and when you teach in London it is a great way to enhance your teaching CV.
After spending time as a teacher in London, you will have the experience and status to teach virtually anywhere in the world.


View from Tate Modern, London
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London is as multicultural city as you can find, and you will have the opportunity here to meet people from all over the world. Almost everything imaginable is available in London, from world class museums and art galleries to picturesque parks and excellent shopping opportunities.
Evening entertainment options are also many and varied and include live music of all styles as well as drama, dance and poetry in most languages.


Spending time in another city or country is also great way to become independent. As you will be living away from your family and most of your friends – aside from those that make the journey with you! – you will responsible for most of the decisions that you make, such as how to spend your free time.
This new independence will help to make you a better teacher and you will in turn be able to show your students how to be responsible for their actions.

The Challenge

London Challenger: Navigating the Underground
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Spending time in a different city or country can be extremely challenging in our everyday life, from finding your way around, using a different type of currency and even understanding people with different English accents.
Overcoming these challenges can be extremely exciting, make you a better, cultured traveller, and help you to face the future and whatever life throws at you with confidence.


While spending time in London, you will have the opportunity to meet people from all around the world. Not only will you be able to make new friends while you teach in London, but you can also make connections that could help you to take the next big step in your career as a teacher.
World Class Teachers often arrange teacher meet-ups or sporting activities where teachers can get together and have a bit of down time.


London is a big city and the costs of travel and entertainment can be high. However, one of the great things about being a teacher is that you will be able to take advantage of special staff discounts thanks to IDs from STA.
budgeting in london
As you get to know London you will discover a number of money saving tips, which can make the cost of exploring and having fun in London a lot less than most other occupations.

Why not teach in London?

These are just a few of the many benefits of teaching in London. Both long and short-term teaching contracts are available, and many people decide to extend their contract at the end of the first year in order to get more out of this unique teaching experience.
Whether you want to move to the UK to become a regular staff member at an exceptional school or want to try your hand at supply teaching in London, it is a large city bursting with opportunities to take advantage of.

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