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Subject Focus: STEM Education

Subject Focus: STEM Education STEM education—encompassing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—plays a pivotal role in preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the future. The national curriculum in the UK recognises the importance of these disciplines and integrates them into the educational framework to ensure that students are equipped

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The importance of Safeguarding in Education

In today’s educational landscape, safeguarding is a cornerstone of school and institutional responsibilities. Ensuring the safety and well-being of students is not just a moral obligation but also a legal requirement. This blog explores why safeguarding is crucial in schools and educational institutions, highlighting the legal and ethical responsibilities of

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How To Prepare For A Teaching Interview

Our Guide to a Teaching Interview Preparing for any kind of job interview is daunting, especially if it’s a job you are passionate about and a role that you have been chasing for months – or even years. Interviews for teaching jobs can be particularly challenging, and ensuring you are

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Teaching Key Stage 1 & 2 in the UK

Britain’s National Curriculum is generally split into four Key Stages, with primary school comprising Key Stages 1 and 2. The two stages help young students develop basic but important skills through a wide range of subjects. Teaching in the primary school sector can be an incredibly rewarding experience, requiring you

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