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Some of the many reviews for World Class Teachers from both supply teachers and London schools over the last decade.

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“I am so pleased that I went with World Class over all of the other agencies out there because they offer such a personal service. I always have work off them and trust that they will always get me it. They are efficient and friendly and they would be my first choice suggestion to all of my friends.”


“I have been working with World Class Teachers for a few years now and it has been a wonderful experience. They are caring, bubbly and supportive and really take the time to get to know you, which means they place me in schools that suit my preferences. They are always available to talk and will ask for feedback to make sure your day has gone well. They try to make sure you have bookings in advance wherever possible and you never have to travel very far. The text messages they send with the address and directions help a lot – another way they try to make sure you are looked after. An all round great agency to work for!”


“With World Class Teachers you get a really personally experience – I know all of the team and they know me. What I like most about working with World Class is that they genuinely care about finding the right match for both the TA and the school and work hard to make sure they achieve this, which benefits everyone.”


“Thank you for all your hard work. Ever since I joined your agency you have made my experience as a supply teacher a great one. Thank you for the consistent work and the amazing schools you have placed me in. You have made my adventure in London possible and I cannot recommend you highly enough.”


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your hard work over the last 21 months or so, without your support I would never have had the guts to move to primary teaching, a change which is now following me back to Oz. You have sent me to some great schools, where I have learnt and grown as a teacher. I look forward to the future and again thank you for being so committed to getting me work!”


“I am extremely thankful to you and the rest of the staff at World Class Teachers for setting me up at Sebright Primary. It has been a remarkable experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there over the past six months. I truly appreciate your hard work and I will continue to recommend World Class Teachers to any friends of mine who decide to teach in the UK.”


“I’m writing to say how absolutely pleased I am to have worked with you. From the time you contacted me, your pleasant manner and professional approach secured my willingness to work for you. You were always there for me, when I needed an emergency placement, when I got lost, even when I got chicken pox! You are wonderful; one of the key factors that made my time teaching in London the best of my teaching career. Thank you so much.”


“Thank you ever so much for all the hardwork and dedication you have applied over the years to make sure my UK teaching experience has been enjoyable and rewarding. It’s been a pleasure working with you all.”


“A professional and friendly agency providing plenty of work, good pay and access to teacher-friendly schools. They are dedicated to the kind of individual service lacking in many of the larger agencies…there is a real feeling of being part of a team.”


“I have enjoyed working with all the staff at WCT.  Unlike many other agencies, they have always been totally responsive to my needs, and have worked hard to accommodate my erratic schedule! Directions to schools are text, and have been totally accurate.  Paper work is taken care of automatically. And if there is ever a problem, there is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone.”


“I have really enjoyed working with WCT, the team are professional, positive and are easy to contact. They have been extremely helpful in finding a constant stream of work for me, and have some lovely schools on their books. I have been very impressed with the level of service they have provided.”


“Since I started working as a supply teacher, the only agency I want to receive work from is World Class. They are reliable, provide plenty of work, very friendly, and above all understanding of their teacher’s needs. For someone like me who needs to be flexible with work, its a perfect relationship.”]


“Thanks so much for being such a terrific, hassle free agency. I will happily recommend you to all my friends.”


Chisenhale Primary School

“World Class have been our preferred agency for the past 5 years. They offer a courteous & professional service serving the needs of the school very well.”

Harjinder Johal, Featherstone High School

“World Class offer a high quality personalised service when providing day to day cover as well as filling longer – term temporary vacancies. World class work hard to find the right candidate and they provide us with good staff and a quick response. The agency has an excellent understanding of the school needs and the type of teachers required.”

Neil Bradford, Featherstone High School

“Good communicators with an honest approach. Know the teachers very well and understand the needs of schools. A quality service with quality teachers.”

Pete Coombes, Bishopshalt School

“World Class Teachers commitment to schools is a personal, friendly and efficient service providing top quality teachers. Punctual, reliable and effective teachers every time.”