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There are many benefits of choosing to use a teaching agency when it comes to looking for your next job. Whether you’re looking for a primary or secondary teaching position in a full-time or part-time role, here at World Class Teachers, we are here to help.

We understand that job hunting, especially in the competitive teaching industry, can be stressful at times, particularly if you are searching in the vast area of London.

Our team will take all of your specifications and requirements into consideration when sourcing your teaching vacancy in London, ensuring we find you a position that ticks your boxes and you will thrive in. We have compiled a list of a few more reasons you should choose our London teaching agency during your next job hunt.


Utilise Our Widespread Network

Over many years, we have been placing talented candidates within a variety of schools in London, allowing us to build excellent working relationships and a range of resources to help find your next teaching role.

We work with many types of schools right across the capital that continue to trust us to supply the best talent when filling their teaching vacancies.


Choose a Service That’s Tailored to You

When you choose World Class Teachers to source your London teaching vacancy, our friendly team will get to know you personally, learning more about your requirements and expectations of the role.

Whether you’re a primary supply teacher looking for day by day work, or a secondary school teaching assistant on the hunt for your next permanent contract, we will work hard to find you a teaching job vacancy in London that ticks all of your boxes.


Save Yourself Some Time

Job hunting in any industry can be extremely time consuming and draining, especially when you’re searching within a competitive field such as teaching in London.

Our dedicated mindset will allow you to sit back and let us take care of the entire process. If you’re coming close to the end of your current contract, our attentive teaching recruitment team will be working in the background to help find your next position.

Whatever type of teaching position you’re looking for, be it in a primary or secondary school, you can continue your day to day routine whilst we source your next London teaching vacancy.


Support When You Need It

Our London teaching agency has an excellent support system, meaning should you need anything from our team throughout your teaching assignment, we are just a short phone call away.

If you’re starting in a brand-new school, or even in a brand-new city, the entire process can be a little overwhelming, particularly if you’re doing it off your own back.

When you work with a teaching agency, it can be beneficial to know that you have a contact to call upon should you require any additional support or guidance during your role.


Get in Touch

Whether you’ve come to a halt with your current teaching job hunt in London, or you’re in need of some guidance navigating the industry in a brand-new city, World Class Teachers are here to help.

Whether you’re a supply teacher, teaching assistant, or seeking full-time teaching roles, to speak to our London teaching recruitment team, please call 01932 247000 or use the online contact form to find out more.