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A Week’s Worth of Teaching Quotes

None one loves quotes about education more than our supply teachers! Based on the success of our last post on teaching quotes, World Class Teachers bring you a new round of motivational quotations to help you through any day of the week.

From educational Mondays to inspirational Fridays, take a look at round two of our teaching quotes for every day of the school week.


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A perfect teaching quote for Mondays, thanks to Greek philosopher Aristotle.


teach learn twice
Have you ever noticed that when you teach a particular topic – whether it was your favourite in school or something you find applicably in everyday matters – you find yourself learning new things about that topic?

Teaching has a sneaky way of getting teachers to learn and enjoy their subjects all over again!

teachers open the door

A teaching quote that best serves both teacher and pupil, remember that you can only do so much for your students. Education is most fun and effective when the students choose to learn something new or entertain a new way of thinking.

Don’t be discouraged if you have a disinterested pupil, they will eventually find a way to like learning, whether they realise it or not – curiosity is part of human nature, after all!


inspiration beats talent

We all know that pupils learn at different speeds, and that some students are naturally better at certain subjects than others. However, it is wonderful to see when a student whose true talent lies elsewhere works hard to receive top marks.


inspire someone today

One of the best parts of being a teacher is inspiring the youth of today; maybe not just within the classroom but in life. Friday’s lessons are perfect for instilling inspiration and thoughts for the weekend, sometimes in the least likely of ways.

From a question from a pupil to a tangent in a discussion to creating art, you may find that your students are not the only ones who are inspired!


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