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Are you a primary school supply teacher in need of some phonics tips?

Following the changes in the National Curriculum for this year and the success of our last Phonics Tips session, we are holding another seminar today!

Meet us at World Class Teacher HQ from 5:30 to 7pm for a session devoted to teaching phonics and guided reading.

Our aim is to offer teaching resources to our supply teachers so they are confident when they walk into a new placement – after all, that’s what a supply teaching agency is for!

If you cannot attend today’s session or just want a quick refresh before a new teaching job, take a look at some of our handy phonics resources for Year 3 and Year 4 below.

What is Phonics?

It’s a simple question, but just in case, here’s the official dictionary definition:

Phonics a method of teaching people to read and pronounce words by learning the sounds of letters, letter groups, and syllables.

Reading does not come easily to everyone, and the resources below can help you as a supply teacher identify where your pupils should be at Key Stage 2 and what issues are the trickiest for them.

Phonics tips for Year 3

Whether you are looking for a new Key Stage 2 teaching job or just want to freshen up on your phonics knowledge, this is a useful chart for any supply teacher or parent.


Phonics tips for Year 4

Key Stage 2 Year 4 Phonics teaching resources

Want to see more phonics tips? Register with World Class Teachers today and stay informed of all of our upcoming events – such as our next Phonics sessions on 11 March and 6 May. If you’re not registered and available for work with us, the cost of the course is £100.

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