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The Top Food Markets in London

Everybody needs to eat, but in London it’s not just a necessity – it’s a passion! If you’re a real foodie, you’ll love the spectacular array of cuisines available in the hundreds of restaurants and bistros all over the city.
But where London really shines is its vast selection of different food markets, filled with tantalising aromas and vibrant colours from every corner of the globe.
Regardless of whether you are buying your day-to-day groceries or simply looking for a tasty meal while you’re out exploring, you’ll be hard pressed not to find at least one stall that catches your attention.

Borough Market

borough market
Located close to London Bridge on Borough High Street, this market contains sells everything from fresh groceries including bread, meat, vegetables, fish and cheese, to fully prepared and delicious smelling foods.
There are plenty of boutique food and drink stalls, with every culinary delight you could ever wish for from around the globe! If you fancy a snack, you’ll see everything from Spanish to Arabic cuisine, with plenty of local, British and seasonal produce thrown in too.

Exmouth Market

Another great market where you can eat for under £5. Exmouth market is between Farringdon Road and Roscommon Street in the Farringdon area of London.
French pastries, Mexican tacos, Indian curries and Moroccan tagines are all on offer here, so you can take your pick depending on what tantalizes your taste-buds on that particular day.
This market is so popular that some of the permanent restaurants in the area set up their own market stalls offering a sample of the dishes from their menus.

Leadenhall Market

If you’re interested in olden times, head to this Victorian market in the City of London. Flower stalls appear alongside stalls selling fresh foods (such as cheese, meat and fruit) and, as a covered market rather than a street market, it is ideal for days when the weather isn’t too great.
The market building is home to several pubs and restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat, but you will inevitably pay more here than you would at a street market. Nevertheless, t’s well worth it for the architecture and atmosphere.

Berwick Street Market

Berwick Street market

Berwick Street Market is located in Soho and was established in 1830. During its sizeable history it has gained an excellent reputation for the quality of produce sold here – so much so that countless local chefs source ingredients for their restaurants from these stalls.
Visitors attend this market both to stock up on groceries and to try some of the various foods served. Choose from Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, sandwiches, burgers or pizza. Again, you can expect change from a fiver for any of these dishes.
Whichever district of London you are teaching or living in, and whatever you feel like sampling while you are out and about, you’re bound to find a food market in London that will serve at least one thing you like.

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