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Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you are changing from a completely different sector, applying for a teaching assistant role might be the first step you’re taking to get into teaching.

You don’t necessarily need any past experience to become a teaching assistant, but what you do need is a well-written CV.

If this will be your first role in a teaching environment, you need to be able to showcase to the school that you are both capable and enthusiastic.

Here at World Class Teachers, our teaching agency has put together a few tips and tricks for writing a stellar CV if you are applying for a TA role. To find out more, or to speak to our friendly team directly, please feel free to get in touch.

Include Your Transferable Skills

This might be the first teaching assistant role you are applying for, but that doesn’t mean that your past experience can’t relate to this new position.

Make a list of all the skills you have achieved throughout your previous roles, no matter what sector you previously worked in or have experience in. Literacy and numeracy skills are a must for any TA vacancy, but other transferable skills such planning, creativity, organisation and timekeeping should be mentioned on your CV.

Prove Your Enthusiasm

What you lack in experience you should make up for with enthusiasm for becoming and TA. Not only do students respond well to someone who is passionate and engaged, but it will show the school that you are willing to learn and eager to break into the field of work.

Top Tip: Why not take a look at the school’s website – make a list of reasons why you believe you will be a good fit for this specific school, showing the team that you have put a lot of effort into your application and that you are passionate.

Mention All Relevant Experience

This might be the first TA application you are working on, but that doesn’t mean that your past experience is not relevant.

Whether you have helped at a children’s after school club, or have some informal adult education experience, be sure to include it. Alongside your transferable skills and enthusiasm, anything extra will only be adding value to your application. You will have an opportunity to talk more about your previous experience if you are offered an interview.

Check and Double-Check Your Spelling!

As mentioned, maths and English skills are essential if you are to become a TA, which also needs to be reflected in your CV.

Beyond noting your education, be sure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors which won’t reflect well on your application!

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