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Want to learn paediatric first aid?

If you work with young children or even if you have children of your own, it is important to take a paediatric first aid course. There are many benefits of learning first aid skills especially for teachers, parents, nannies and other child carers who work with children.

A paediatric course will give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with any emergency that might affect a child, especially as an Early Years Teacher.

Paediatric first aid skills are taught by professional trainers either in a 6 or 12 hour course which should be updated every three years. If you work with children it will often be a necessary requirement of the job to hold a paediatric certificate.

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7 reasons why you should do the paediatric first aid course:

1. You can save lives in critical situations with a few simple techniques you will learn at the paediatric first aid course.

2. Basic first aid training will teach you how to deal with situations such as sprains and knocks and broken bones. You will however have to do a paediatric first aid course to deal effectively with infant choking and other emergency situations.

3. The first few seconds after an accident or fall can make a huge different, a difference between life and death. So, irrespective of where you live and accessibility to emergency facilities, it is a good idea knowing how to deal with child or infant related trauma.

4. Paediatric first aid courses will teach you how to administer the right procedure in case of child choking. Taking immediate and right action could save the life of the infant or child.

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5. You never know when emergencies will arise especially if you work with children or have small children of your own. It is therefore imperative to attend a paediatric first aid course and learn how to handle critical situations.

6. Having a professional Nanny who holds a current First Aid Certificate ensures peace of mind for both the families they work for and themselves.

7. Caring for children, whether as a parent or professional brings a great deal of responsibility and knowing what to do should an accident happen is essential.

Paediatric first aid courses can be very affordable and for certain positions like Nannies can even enhance earning capacity as to register with Ofsted requires a Paediatric First Aid Certificate.  The money spent on learning life saving skills is definitely worth it. You will learn vital techniques that will help save young lives.

Even if you have already done a basic first aid course, it is time to consider the paediatric course too especially if you work with small children on a daily basis as a parent, teacher or nanny or other child care professional.

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