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At World Class Teachers, we do all we can to help our supply teachers not just get the job they’re best suited for, but to keep improving themselves and education.

Aside from providing our own teaching resources, we have put together a list of world class teaching and education bloggers.

 Our list of top teaching blogs:

Hopeful for the Future of Teaching: @HFletcherWood, Improving Teaching

This South East London teacher writes about improving teaching and education. As sometimes history teacher and CPD professional, Improving Teaching covers everything from the ethics of teaching to policy and education around the world.

Out of the Box Education Resources: @ewanmcintosh, edu.blogs.com

Not your average education blog. Ewan is a founder of a global consultancy that works with a diverse group of companies, such as technology, media, and fashion, to incorporate creative lessons to better learning at school.

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Excellent Teaching Resources: @LearningSpy

One of the top resources out there for teachers, the award-winning blog Learning Spy by David Didau covers all things from literacy to leadership to lesson planning. This blog is frequently updated with articles, his own favourite blogs and books to read for the constantly learning teacher.

Top Third Party Teaching Resources: @CreativeEdu, Creative Education Blog

Creative Education was set up to by teacher Zoe Hesmondhalgh offer training and consultancy services to schools and colleges across the UK. Even if you aren’t interested in one of their training courses, their blog is full useful teaching advice to improve students, schools and teachers.

Best for Education News: @EducationState

For up to the minute education news, look no further than EducationState. This education blog updates its followers on all the breaking education news from Ofsted and UK curriculum to the state of education across the world.

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Most Popular UK Teacher: @TeacherToolkit

If you’re not already following TeacherToolkit, you should start now! One of Times 500 Influential People and classroom teacher, Ross Morrison McGill teaches in London and blogs about bettering yourself as a teacher and the impact of UK education changes on teachers.

The Experienced Teacher: @headguruteacher

Currently a Headteacher in North London, Tom Sherrington of headguruteacher has been teaching in the UK and abroad since 1987 and specialises in learning and leadership. Read his blog for tips and conversations on everything from CPD to formative assessments to his favourite teaching subject, science.

The Literary One: @huntingenglish

As the name suggests, Alex Quigley of HuntingEnglish is an English Teacher from York constantly on the hunt for excellent teaching resources. Read his blog for article from his personal experiences, commentary on education news and teaching strategies for a better classroom.

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Best for Education Commentary: @oldandrewuk, Scenes from the Battleground

For a comprehensive commentary on all things education, Scenes from the Battleground covers all things Ofsted, politics and education, and struggles of being a teacher. There is also advice for NQTs and plenty of teaching resources!

The One to Watch: @katie_s_ashford, Tabula Rosa

Another fantastic English teacher and blogger, Katie’s Tabula Rasa focuses on literacy and the impact teachers can have on not only their students but the UK education system.

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  1. Please could I add The Grown-Up to the list? 😊

    Did you know? 87% of British people don’t feel like they were adequately prepared for life as an adult, saying they weren’t taught the life skills they needed before leaving full-time education. (Metro News)

    The Grown-Up School is a free educational website dedicated to solving this issue, offering 150+ completely free, open access online “grown-up lessons” (enough content to publish 4 books!) and teacher resources to help teach life skills.

    It won Education and Training StartUp of the Year 2023/24 in the National StartUp Awards and is created by the UK’s Young Businesswoman of the Year from The Great British Businesswoman Awards.


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