In the last decade, we’ve seen a whole new world of play emerge, one in which has lead to more screen time and less jumping from couch to couch to avoid the ‘lava’ below. Technology has, undoubtedly, changed the way our children play and interact. The discussion of technology and play is a timely one and of particular importance as providing the right learning support through play at an early age is essential for growth and development of young minds.

In a recent survey 1,000 mums in the UK were asked about their attitude towards play. In particular this survey explored the inclusion and impact of technology in our children’s lives. It was revealed that 30% of parents worry that their children don’t spend enough time playing outside. However, interestingly, it found that reading still remains a more popular pastime than playing on iPad’s, tablets or mobiles.


So, what are our nation’s attitude towards play?


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Technology has allowed children to become more autonomous in their play and provided parents and teachers with an alternative way of providing educational stimulus into their children’s and student’s lives.

This topic is one that we are likely to see more of as time goes on and technological advancements continue to weave their way into our day-t0-day living. Children are now being born into an era saturated by electronic devices and tech-savvy toys. Knowing how and when to integrate these advancements can feel overwhelming. Creating a balance between good ol’ fashioned play and the YouTube channel for kids is not always straightforward. Of course with all change there requires some time for adjustment, to meld these two forms of play in a way that ensures our children get the best of both worlds.

Technology seems to be forming a huge part of both our children’s and parents lives. How has it impacted you? What are your thoughts on technology and play? Comment below or find us on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation.

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