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We are so happy and proud of one of our very own ‘World Class Teachers’, Tara Kaur. She recently scaled Mount Kilimanjaro for children’s charity ‘Wish Upon a Star’. We received the following email from Tara earlier this week, and wanted to share with you her achievements. Here’s what she wrote:

The group on Mount Kilimanjaro
Just a quick email to let those of you that don’t already know that ‘I DID IT’ The Roof of Africa has been conquered and I successfully reached the summit !!!
It was an amazing experience, different challenges every day. The last day was really hard, even with 6 layers of clothes I was freezing and could not feel the tips of my fingers! My water and food froze solid so could not eat and drink, there was a bitter cold wind blowing us sideways and the air was so thin you could hardly catch your breath. Despite all the challenges we managed to get to the top.
It was probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but the feeling you get when you reach the top is exhilarating and the buzz stays with you.
Here are a few pictures of my little adventure:
Tara at Kilimanjaro
I just want to say a Big Big Thank You to all of you that took a little bit of time out from your busy schedules to sponsor me. It was this support that kept me going whilst on the mountain
My sponsorship page is still open and if you have not already sponsored me, please sponsor me.  You can sponsor me on line using the link below:
you can text a donation up to £10.00, just text ‘tizy99’ and the amount to 70700
If you prefer to donate in cash I have a sponsorship form
Thank you
PS if you fancy trying out Killi, please let me know I am happy to give you plenty of tips!!!’

Teachers and Fundraisers

If you have any other fundraising ideas, either for yourself, or as a member of World Class Teachers, please let us know in the office. We are always happy to evangelise about all your charitable efforts, and want to support our teachers in any way we can!

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