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Research suggests that teaching can be one of the most stressful yet rewarding careers to be involved in. World Class Teachers have just discovered an excellent new resource for teachers and students alike that promises to makes life that little bit easier. Audiopi  is an innovative concept whereby a series of podcasts covering GCSE and A Level subjects are being created.  These podcasts completely align to the UK curriculum and course requirements. Featuring an array of inspiring educational professionals covering various subjects, this resource is already making waves in the education sector. By using a combination of academics, specialist teachers and exam board examiners contributing to the audio, students can access materials which may not be normally available to them.


Easy to access

Students can access the podcast series so easily as they are available on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or smart phone. Just as importantly, they can listen to a podcast as many times as they so wish. If there is a podcast that relates to their subject it could be a great way to point them to it.

Ensures all students can learn at their own pace

Use the podcasts so that students can learn at the pace that they want. There might be students who have processing issues so these will be able to listen to a podcast time and time again, and ensure they learn what they need to. They can skip the bits they already know or pause and rewind to go over the areas they need to spend more time on.

Catch up on Missed Classes

Without a doubt there will be times when students miss classes, whether for a legitimate reason or not. Podcasts allow them to catch up on the classes they miss in the students’ own time. In short, there is no excuse as to why they missed the lesson.

Improve Students listening skills

Listening skills are reportedly on the wane, so why not use podcasts as homework for students. This would develop students’ independent listening skills and then they can be discussed in the classroom later.

Learn whenever you want

Students can save a great deal of time by using audio. Students can listen to educational podcasts between classes, during study and down time or when travelling to and fro from school. They can listen to it anywhere, anytime and anyplace, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Exam Revision

Use the podcasts for exam revision (I know those folks at Audiopi are creating podcasts around exam techniques specific to a subject). Students would be able to listen to as any or as few podcasts as they see fit but it will most certainly help them in preparation for their exams.


This is an exciting endeavour and one that looks to help transform that way information is accessed, communicated and taught. This got us thinking – how could teachers use Audiopi and podcasts as a resource and what can we do to ensure it is readily available?

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