Tired of rain and wind? Fed up with wet socks and wearing layer upon layer. Unfortunately damp days aren’t exactly what you would call rare in London. However with a bit of positive spin and some cosy suggestions we’re determined to remind you what makes living in London so great; come rain, hail or shine!

1. Hot Chocolate

Keep cosy with a cup on hot cocoa on a winters evening. It’s a well known *fact that we need more energy in the cooler months so why not add some marshmallows and cream – you know, for sustenance to keep you going in the cooler climate. Don’t mind if I do!




 2. Winter Fashion – ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only wrong clothes’.


London is one of the fashion capitals of the world and what better time of the year to flaunt your style then with a timely update to your winter wardrobe. Cute hats, stylish scarfs and faux fur. And if this fails to impress, ladies…


3. Sunday Morning


Sunday morning sleep-ins and the sound of rain.  Grab a book and perhaps a cup of the aforementioned Hot Chocolate – what’s not to love?


4. Netflix


Need to catch up on season 5 Game of Thrones but feel bad at the thought of  wasting a sunny day by staying indoors? Guilt be gone. Cosy up on the couch and get busy.


5. Mulled Wine

’nuff said.


6. Winter Wonderland

London turns into a Winter Wonderland (literally) this time of year.  Outdoor ice rinks, fairy lights in trees, elaborate displays in store windows and an endless array of mulled wine to warm even the coldest of evenings. Cheers.


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