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The average teacher spends hundreds of pounds each year buying supplies for their students. As cash-strapped schools look at ways of saving money, this can often lead to a shortfall in classroom essentials. As a result, teachers have to be prudent with expenditure and find cheap places to purchase stationery and other resources. Here’s our pick of the best, shop here for all those teaching must-haves.



If you’re looking for classroom essentials, this is the ideal solution. Visit the online Staples store for low prices on stationery throughout the year. They provide a price match guarantee and offer FREE delivery on orders over £36 saving you even more money.  With plenty of pens for sale, desk supplies, and special offers on a wide range of stationery products, you’d be wise to shop here for all those classroom basics.  Buy in bulk to make the best savings.

The Works

The Works! The name says it all. The good thing about this online and high street store is you can click and collect whenever you need to order anything. Shop for books, arts and craft or stationery, and collect the items from any of the 400 stores nationwide. With some amazing offers online, you are sure to save money by shopping here. What’s more, you’ll also earn points for every £1 you spend at The Works as a nice little reward.

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Whether you want pens and pencils or glues and tapes, you will find all types of deals in-store at B&M. Search for your local store online then pay a visit in person. There’s plenty of paper and lots of craft and design products for an ultra-low price. You’ll find the main website for B&M here. One click could save you a small fortune!


Look for classroom resources at Amazon. You’ll find everything you need right here. There are cheap, ready-to-buy supplies at Amazon and plenty of inspiration for all types of classroom activities. Here you’ll find items like post-it notes, phrase strips and reward stamps which make learning fun and fulfilling. Shop today and make savings straight away. Amazon is full of amazing bargains.

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Okay, there’s a lot of junk on eBay but some genuine bargains as well. Search for classroom and teaching supplies, and you’ll be surprised at the types of savings you can make. Many sellers offer free postage for their sale items which means you won’t have to dig quite as deep into your pocket. Some people hate eBay, but others know how great it is for a bargain or two. Take a look if you want to buy pencils or pens and don’t want to spend too much money.


You might not think of Pinterest when you are shopping for school supplies but you should. You’ll find so much inspiration on here for classroom activities, and there are plenty of boards that advertise cheap stationery supplies. Arts and craft projects are popular on Pinterest, and there are plenty of practical DIY tips for the classroom if you want to save even more money.

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Pound Shops

You can’t really miss the various pound shops in the UK. From Poundland to Poundworld and Poundstretcher it’s the same old theme, with each store in question selling cheap consumer goods. Visit online or take a trip in person and you will find plenty of discounts on stationery, crafts and other classroom basics. They’re a good option if you have a limited budget to spend on school supplies and you are paying for the privilege.

As a dedicated teacher, it’s understandable you want to provide the very best facilities for your pupils. Ideally, you’ll want to make the classroom interesting and have enough supplies to make it fun. Hopefully, the sites we recommend here should save you money when you go shopping for school supplies next.

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