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The Best Routes into Teaching Today

In order to become a supply teacher in London, you need some level of qualification. However, the route into how you gain your qualification may not be as black and white as you think; there are many ways to achieve the appropriate skills to allow you to get your ideal teaching job. We’ve compiled the main routes into becoming a supply teacher in London today, here at World Class Teachers, we understand that different qualifications suit different people – knowing where to start may be daunting, hopefully, we can help.

Which qualification is right for me?

Here are four popular but different qualifications you can gain to become a supply teacher; you must also have attained a grade C in English and Maths at GCSE level for all of these routes, a degree level of at least 2:2 is also required for these routes, although there are other ways into becoming a supply teacher in London without attending university.

  1. QTS

This is the only qualification you will need to teach in the UK – PGCE is an additional (recommended) qualification. People tend to follow a PGCE with a QTS; many educational courses offer this as part of the curriculum. The main advantage of a QTS is that it allows you to teach in a variety of countries.


  1. PGCE

The Post Certificate in Education (PGCE) is the most popular university lead route into teaching. PGCE combines theory and placement to give an extensive knowledge and real-life experience in the classroom. This is available for secondary and primary teaching and can be used in conjunction with other, more specific, qualifications. The course is a year long and is relatively independent learning.


  1. GTP

The Graduate Teacher Programme is an employment-based teaching route, QTS is provided on this one year course and can be used in either primary or secondary teaching, normally in a single subject.  One of the main benefits of a GTP is that you receive a salary whilst gaining qualifications that lead to becoming a teacher. Getting a place may be hard as schools are reluctant to when it comes to hiring unqualified teachers, however, some institutions organise taking on GTP – this is usually a highly competitive course as it gives a true teaching experience, including a salary.


  1. School Direct

School Direct’s one year course allows you to be trained on the job and usually end in employment within the training school. A salary is sometimes included or students may be offered a bursary. This route leads to QTS and possibly PGCE/Masters level credits. This course is perfect for people that want to be immersed into teaching from day one.

Routes into supply teaching

Once you have attained one or more of these qualifications you are well on your way to becoming a supply teacher in London. The next few steps are considerably easier (and less time consuming) and include:

  • Finding the right agency for you (we can recommend one)

Choose a supply teaching agency in London that suits you, here at World Class Teachers, we want to make you feel comfortable and with a large variety of supply teaching jobs in London, you can guarantee just that – whilst also gaining the flexibility that supply teaching boasts.

  • Research before accepting jobs

It may seem easy to jump at the first job you are offered, however, as a new supply teacher taking caution to ensure you’re fully prepared always pays off.

  • Understand tax

It’s best to check your tax requirements before accepting any jobs.

  • Learning the lifestyle

Supply teaching in London is a brilliant lifestyle – but one you have to adapt to, unlike with other jobs your routine may not be normal.

Benefits of supply teaching in London

If you’re not already convinced here are some of the main benefits you can enjoy when you complete the route into supply teaching in London, you won’t look back!

  • Flexibility to take time off whenever you desire
  • Variety in workplaces – you won’t be getting sick of the same four walls
  • Freedom and Autonomy – enjoy the tasks of teaching without the responsibility
  • Relocation – move wherever you like and take your job with you, not the other way around

How we can help

If you’d like the learn more about supply teaching jobs in London, if you’re currently searching for a teaching job or if you want some more staff training, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0208 579 4501 and we can help with any supply teaching advice. Alternatively, you can contact us online, request a call back or email us at for a prompt response on any enquires on supply teaching in London.