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Our Phonics teaching tips for the 2014 Curriculum

We recently hosted a Phonics session for our teachers at World Class Teacher’s HQ, with the aim of introducing our supply teachers to a teaching method that has seen growing popularity.
There have been many changes in teaching phonics for the British curriculum in 2014, so we wanted all our supply teachers to be up to date and feel prepared when they enter a new classroom!

We had some great feedback about the event! Here’s a few snippets of what our supply teachers had to say:

…it was very useful as I’d not done anything like that before. The pronunciation of key letters and sounds was ideal for what I’m doing now at St Marks. The split digraph part was also very helpful. Having a useful explanation for this is brilliant. As for the format and presentation – it was well laid out and the casual nature was perfect for the setting and audience. Handouts and takeaways were also great


Thank you for organising the training. I really enjoyed it . The information given was very useful and I have already implemented some hints into my work with children. I wish it was longer! I’d be happy to participate in any other trainings organized. – Iwona


Rebecca’s phonics class was informative and engaging. I feel I have a much better grasp of phonics and how it is used in schools. I also appreciated receiving the resources. – Lily

We’ve also put together our very own World Class Teachers’ Resources on Phonics for Year 1 and Phonics for Year 2 (Key Stage 1).

Phonics Checklist for Year 1

Year One Phonics Key Stage 1 teaching resources

Phonics Checklist for Year 2

Year Two Phonics Key Stage 1 teaching resources
These can also be found on our Pinterest (which you should all check out, since we want to give you as many teaching resources as we can!).
Stay tuned for our Phonics for Years 3+ 4, which will be coming shortly! If you have any more suggestions for teaching resources, phonics tips, or the type of training you would find useful, please let us know!

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