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We are dedicated to finding talented teachers, teaching assistants and supply teachers opportunities across North London schools.

World Class Teachers, under the wing of Red Box, are proud to be one of North London’s leading primary and secondary teaching agencies, that specialises in placing qualified education professionals in a range of teaching positions across the region, with various short-term and long-term contracts available.

If you are looking for teaching jobs or supply teacher contracts in North London, register with the World Class Teachers site now to browse and apply for positions.


Whether you are looking for supply teacher positions, teaching assistant opportunities, or permanent teaching roles, we have a great range of positions available in both primary and secondary schools across North London.

We are proud to be one of the region’s preferred teaching agencies for those seeking teaching positions, be that for day-by-day supply, or something a little more fixed term.

We focus on UK curriculum, aiming to teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America and the UK to find teaching roles in North London.

We have ample supply teacher vacancies across schools, but also offer permanent teaching roles to qualified candidates.

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Our ability to provide a wide array of teaching roles has generated past success when it comes to placing teachers, supply teachers and teaching assistants on placements across North London, and continues to do so. With a dedicated mindset, our teaching agency’s main aim is to listen carefully to what kind of teaching position you are looking for, and work hard to find you a placement that will best suit your needs. We have many years of experience in the field, and have built excellent relationships with reputable schools in the region, allowing us to offer a great variety of roles to those looking for teaching positions of any sort. We’re well equipped to match the right qualified teacher with the right school. In addition, we offer plenty of events throughout the year to help you to meet fellow travelling supply teachers in North London and around the capital. If you are looking for a teaching position or supply teacher roles in a North London school, browse our London Teaching Jobs.


If you are a PGCE (or equivalent) qualified teacher, on the World Class Teachers site, you can find your ideal teaching role.

Whether you’re a supply teacher, teaching assistant, or seeking full-time teaching roles in North London, give us a call on 01932 247000 or use the online contact form to find out more.