World Class Teachers

  1. Career

First and foremost, career opportunities in London are second to none. With some of the world’s most coveted educational establishments, libraries and a huge variety of schools, relocating to London is a great platform to kick-start your career as a teacher.

The Times Higher Education World University ranking sees London in joint first place. (

  1. Culture

London’s multicultural diversity is another reason why it is loved by so many. With over 300 different languages being spoken in London it is not surprising it is a tourist hotspot. Not only does this mean a fantastic array of cultures present in everyday life but creates a dynamic surrounding for learning.

From an education perspective, working in a multicultural school can be extremely beneficial as it encourages children to grow up and immerse themselves in other cultures. It is great for creating an expressive forum for class discussions as children are able to talk about their different experiences and backgrounds while reinforcing the importance of creating an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Additionally, it helps those students from various ethnic backgrounds where English is not their first language by having that constant exposure will help them to pick it up quicker. From a teachers perspective, it can also be challenging from a literacy point of view, as you will need to plan lessons suited to varying academic capabilities. However, this allows you to get creative, perhaps use more visuals and group discussions all of which will contribute to child development and your confidence to develop into a great teacher.

  1. Resources

London truly is a land of opportunity. With some of the best schools in the world, it is not surprising to hear that over 90% of these schools have been rated as good or outstanding. (

The fact you have an abundance of world-class museums, art galleries, tourist attractions and libraries, most of them being free to visit is in itself a massive opportunity. By using these various resources is an excellent way to make lessons more interactive and engaging which ultimately will help maintain the children’s level of focus. From a teacher’s point of view, this makes London a perfect place to launch an educational career having so many resources right on your doorstep. With the newly founded appreciation that children evolve to develop a unique a learning style that is complementary to the way they register information, allows teachers to go that step further when it comes to planning lessons, making them more interactive and visual rather than sticking to the more traditional theory based lessons.

  1. UK Curriculum

When considering other countries in which to teach, it is worth considering the high standards and variety that the UK curriculum brings. The fact it has many similarities to those in Commonwealth countries means the transition to a new education system will not be so daunting. Furthermore, the teaching job market is on the rise, with this high demand for teachers it is more important than ever to cease this opportunity and check out our vacancies page for more information.

  1. Quality of life

Becoming a teacher is an extremely rewarding vocation. It gives you the chance to be a role model and really make a difference in a child’s life. However, it can at times be stressful. Luckily for you, London has so many exciting things going on it is the perfect escape from working reality in order to maintain that all-important work-life balance.

With a population of over 8.8 million the hustle and bustle of city life offers something for everyone. Whether you are a restaurant connoisseur, a museum enthusiast or love any green space, London is a great place to enjoy city living. The spectrum of restaurants is out of this world. Whether it is a Michelin starred restaurant, a cool brunch spot, dinner with a view or even just a good pub, London has it all. In terms of greenery, despite the fact is it a major city, the amount of parks in London is impressive. There is no doubt a park in walking distance of wherever you are in the city. This can also help make moving away from somewhere such as New Zealand which is renowned for its idyllic setting, a somewhat smoother transition.


 World Class Teachers is a business is built on the premise of helping international teachers broaden their horizons by offering them various opportunities to teach in London. Their concept is for teachers to kick-start their career in a city that offers massive opportunity. If you would be interested in finding out more, please register your details in the contact form or alternatively submit your CV and one of our advisors will be in contact with you as soon as possible.