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Understanding Different SEN Diagnoses: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Different SEN Diagnoses: A Comprehensive Guide We recognise the importance of supporting educators in understanding the diverse needs of students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Our commitment to education extends beyond recruitment; we aim to empower teachers with knowledge and tools to create inclusive learning environments. This guide provides

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Supply Teacher Dress Code

Congratulations! You’ve sent out your teaching CV, aced the interviews and now have your next supply teaching placement – but what to wear? Men, you have this conundrum as well. First, double-check with your supply teaching agency or school to see if they have a particular teacher dress code or

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Handling Incorrect Answers in a Positive Way

How to Encourage Correct Answers in a Positive Way It is every teacher’s dream to have a class full of students participating freely on a daily basis. However, there are times when pupils answer questions incorrectly, and the way we handle it can affect their participation for the rest of the term.

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Supply Teaching In The UK: How to Prepare

What you need for supply teaching in the UK Moving countries to find work can be a daunting prospect, particularly if you don’t know anyone or what to expect. Some of the most popular jobs for relocations, particularly for individuals in New Zealand and Australia, are overseas teaching jobs as these

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Is SEN Teaching Right For You?

Are you made for teaching SEN? SEN stands for Special Educational Needs. It is an incredibly broad umbrella term which refers to students who need extra support to access the curriculum and learn to their full potential. Needs which fall into the category of SEN teaching are diverse, and can include

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